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marketing strategy

Great marketing begins with a great marketing plan. We help you craft your brand identity, hone the right message, and deliver both to your target customers. Today’s technology-driven marketplace offers endless ways to connect with an audience, but not all options are effective. Together, we’ll evaluate available mediums, find what’s best for your company and budget, and consistently, concisely build awareness of your company. Because if you don’t clearly define who you are to consumers, their opinion will become your brand.

digital marketing

The Internet offers vast and affordable opportunities to place your business on the Worldwide map. We build and maintain websites, social media landing pages, email marketing programs, and digital advertising campaigns that drive customers to your site with content that keeps them coming back. From front-end site development to email newsletters, our work is responsive and designed to play nicely with a variety of devices.Using WordPress content management system, we can build a custom site for your business. Or if need a more economical solution, we can customize an existing template with stock photography and colors consistent with your brand. Either way, WordPress makes it easy for you to update your site’s content and add new features when you’re ready.

print media

Print advertising hasn’t gone away. Its role has just shifted from a primary to supporting player. Today’s successful marketing campaigns reveal themselves in layers. Each layer builds on the next to create a brand impression that customers remember long after the introduction.IdeaSwirl’s extensive expertise spans printed materials of all types including brochures, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, as well as traditional print and outdoor advertising and package design. Regardless of the venues you choose to convey your message, continuity is essential. So we assure consistency across the table so you serve up a unified image of your business to the marketplace.

website maintenance training

Many business owners prefer to manage their own social media and website updates, and we are happy to share the tricks of the trade. Because of the time involved, search engine optimization (SEO) can be costly. So while we’re happy to handle SEO for you, we’ll also provide instruction if you want to handle the task yourself.

What Our Clients Say

"I’ve known Kathy for over 20 years, and she’s one of best graphic artists out there. Kathy’s professional, thorough and she listens well, while asking the right questions to understand your market and your customers completely. This results in a product that’s always on target with your needs. Her detailed, yet “down-to-earth” approach makes communication and every project easy."

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